August Newsletter


Our AGM is done and dusted for another year so thank you to all those who took the time to vote and to respond to the various items which had been tabled. As a result of the AGM we can now welcome Paul Jensen and Craig Phillips to the committee and we look forward to their contribution. As a committee we are all committed to raising standards across our systems and processes while keeping things simple and easy to manage, so this will be a big focus over the coming year.

A very important part of our club is the social and relaxed way we go about running our meetings while supporting, encouraging, and enjoying each other’s contribution and commitment. This will not change.

Both Alan McNicol and Alec Cantley chose to step down from committee duties at this AGM and on behalf of the committee and the club we would like to thank them both for their contribution to VKNZ over the last few years. Maybe this will mean that we will soon see them both back in their karts.


Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions Kartsport NZ postponed their annual conference which was due to be held in Rotorua over the weekend of 22nd & 23rd August. However, an online session was held to cover the items that are required to be addressed in the constitution – including the election of key officials. At the outcome Graeme Moore was re-elected as President, Brent Melhop as VP, and Dee Workman as Executive Member.

It is KSNZ’s intention to reschedule the conference before the end of this year so we will inform you regarding the new dates once known.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Blossom – 26 & 27 September (confirmed – provided at Alert Level 1 by then)
  • Blenheim (Vintage get together) – 26 & 27 September (confirmed)
  • Dunedin (Thompson Memorial) – 3 October (confirmed)
  • VKNZ Tony Wallace – 30 October to 1 November (confirmed)
  • Nelson (Jason Richards Memorial – day/night meeting) – 7 November (confirmed)
  • Hamilton Christmas Meeting – Date to be confirmed
  • VKNZ Wellington GP Dates – 13 & 14 March 2021 (new date – confirmed)

Club Membership Renewal and Fee

As a new committee we held our first meeting on Thursday 20 August, with a few topics on the agenda to be addressed. One item which we have received feedback from members on is renewal of VKNZ membership being spread out over the year. As a result of discussion the meeting consensus was that a common date for membership renewal with a fixed date each year would simplify administration and management of the membership database.

Also discussed was the current membership fee, with a proposal to increase the annual fee from $25 to $40, noting an increase in some administration functions and KSNZ fees, and that this is the first increase considered since VKNZ’s beginning. This will be incorporated as part of the renewal changes being considered.

There is a number of steps to be taken before this initiative is ready to be put to members for consideration/approval and the final proposal will be shared in due course.

Log Books

Richard Allport continues to work his way through the applications and to get these out to you as quickly as possible. Given he prepares these in his own time form home and with a young family (and a recent flood in his office) your patience is appreciated.

To ease his workload, it would be great if you could follow the instructions and provide the required information and photos in the requested format. When taking photos of your kart please try and do so against a blank background so the kart features rather than your neighbour’s pool or rose garden.

Health & Safety

Over recent months the Committee has been getting feedback from members regarding the driving standard of some of our members which is leading to incidents resulting in damaged bodies and gear. It is important to remember that we “demonstrate” and when there is equality in the talent on the track, we have some great moments which are impressive to say the least.

Across our membership, our driving talents vary for a range of reasons and because of this respect must be given and shown to all those on the track. Most of us are on the track for the enjoyment of being able to run a kart that we have put a lot of thought and attention into and we don’t expect to be harassed by over eagerness or thoughtlessness, in other words out of control egos.

Kartsport officials attend all KSNZ permitted meetings and it’s their role to ensure track and driving standards are maintained so please ensure you are playing fair and safe, and if you are approached by a Kartsport official then please respect their position.

Driving safely and respecting others on the track goes back to our VKNZ fundamentals of having fun and enjoying the opportunity to give your kart a run in relatively safe environment.

Side Pods

The Committee received a submission from Robbie Brown (VKNZ Christchurch) about ERA 5 karts running with side pods and should they be running with karts without pods. Under the Kartsport NZ rules ERA 5 karts are pre 31st December 1995 and can run with side pods. Due to the speed differential between ERA 5 karts and any non-ERA 5 karts that may be on the track there is a potential safety issue. We want to see ERA 5 karts running so we need to decide how we fit them into a meeting in the safest manner.

The Technical Committee has a meeting next week and this issue is on their agenda. We are getting plenty of good feedback about this issue so hopefully we can resolve this soon.

Thanks Robbie for your submission which is well presented but for all members, please remember if we want to make rule changes, we have to submit them to Kartsport in January for inclusion in the rule review process, however where matters of significance or safety are concerned they may speed up the current process.

While VKNZ has its own rules, KSNZ as the governing body in New Zealand have within their rules “Section V” which relates to vintage karts and is the overarching document under which we operate.

With this being a quiet period can I suggest you take time to review this document on the KSNZ website.

Communications Plan

Some of the committee have teamed up to produce a communications plan which will guide our use of the Facebook page and website moving forward.

We want to ensure we can reach all our members with news items and updates so producing a comms plan will help us determine the best way we can communicate with you and what is the best use of the various media options as our disposal.

Whangarei Visit

Kartsport Whangarei invited VKNZ to join their club day on 8 & 9 August, and around 10 seniors and 3 juniors took the opportunity for a social skid – which was the norm over the weekend alternating between wet and fine conditions across the weekend with many opting for slicks in the wet just for the fun factor. Again, great hospitality and plenty of track time with the track basically to ourselves on the Saturday.

I believe most VKNZ members enjoy supporting the smaller clubs and the response and hospitality we get from them. If you know of a local club that would like us to join one of their meetings point them to the VKNZ Invite form on our website.

VKNZ Stickers and Badges

We have VKNZ stickers and embroided badges in stock and they are available by contacting Victoria Leech at

Stickers are $3 and the badges are $15 including GST and postage.