Logbooks & Engine Register

Logbooks & KID cards

VKNZ Logbooks are important documents because they are used to record all relevant information pertaining to a kart and its demonstration history and they are an important scrutineering tool.

It is compulsory that all karts have a logbook,  however if the kart already has a KID CARD, then a logbook is not mandatory.

Please note that if you lose your KID CARD, then we will not re-print a KID CARD for you. These have been superseded by VKNZ logbooks.  You will be required to fill out the application form and submit this to the logbook committee at  Please reference your KID CARD Number when submitting the application.

Before downloading the logbook application from the download area, you must check availability on what numbers are available within your applicable ERA.  To check the availability of a number contact, providing the relevant ERA detail with your enquiring.   ERA Breakdown’s as follows;

V8.2.1 Era 1 All High Wheeled Karts. 

V8.2.2 Era 2 All 1960’s Karts. 

V8.2.3 Era 3 All 1970’s Karts. 

V8.2.4 Era 4 All 1980’s Karts. 

V8.2.5 Era 5 All 1990’s Karts.

V8.2.6 Open All karts equipped with an engine over 110cc.

V8.2.7 Superkarts “Class IV 250”, “250 International”, “Formula E”.  For demonstrations at VKNZ Group E permitted events only.

If you are still unsure on what ERA your Kart applies to, then please contact the Logbook  Committee via email

If you have recently purchased a kart and are intending on restoring this kart, then the kart must be restored prior to your logbook application.  If this intention is not mentioned to the logbook committee, when your kart is presented at scrutineering at your next event, the technical officer could potentially reject the kart due to fact the kart is not being presented as per the logbook.

Lastly, the lead-time for a logbook application is 4-6 weeks.

Change of ownership

If you sell a kart which is either log booked or KID CARDED, please email with the details of the new owner.  The data base will be updated internally.

If you wish to change the number on the kart (to a new number) please email so we can coordinate this change for you.  A new logbook will have to be printed and a fee of $10 will apply.

Engine Register

The Engine register is designed so that VKNZ can keep a record of what engines are being used within Vintage Karting New Zealand.  It is important to understand that we only permit engines up to 1995 (ERA 5) and we do not accept any engines newer than 1995.

If you are unsure on what ERA your engine is, then please email the logbook committee at who can help you.

Please Note: ERA 4 Engines can be used on an ERA 5 Chassis, but we do not accept ERA 5 Engines on a ERA 4 Chassis.

KT100 Engines do not have to be registered with VKNZ.

The VKNZ Engine Register is designed to ensure that all engines being used within VKNZ are in fact eligible and period correct.  To ensure we make this easy for everyone, engines are referred to by ERA’s and not by year of manufacture. To check an engine is CIK/FIA approved contact

If your engine is CIK/FIA homologated (no matter which period) then the engine is indeed eligible without the necessity proof in the way of a homologation document.  We will still require you to complete the application form below and complete the images as per the application.  If these images are not supplied, then we will request these from you before confirming eligibility.

One important thing to note, it is preferable that all aspects of engine should be period correct,  the use of later ignition systems, carburetor and exhausts is allowable, when given the difficulty to obtain suitable period correct replacement parts.

To download the application form, please CLICK HERE.  Once downloaded please have this filled in and then email this application form to