December Newsletter

Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and I think many will agree with me in saying we won’t be too upset for 2020 to be over.

It has however shown the strong resolve of many Kiwis to carry on and to do and be the best that we can be, and it is the effort of individuals that creates the momentum for transformation to occur.  Karting in NZ is a great example as coming out of lockdown there have been some terrific meetings with large numbers attending.

The past couple of weekends have been a great example with many clubs across the country holding Christmas meetings and most clubs had vintage karts on their programmes.  A big thank you to those clubs from us all.

Unfortunately, with date clashes our attendance at Hamilton did not go ahead but I am talking with them regarding in some dates in 2021.

In talking with those Club Presidents where vintage have run in 2020, they and their members have enjoyed hosting us and look forward to having us back.  They like our relaxed style and the ability to look after ourselves during the meeting.  Many have said it is also refreshing to have us at their clubs as it gives the officials time to relax.

So, in 2021 I hope we can maintain the momentum, passion, and respect that our club is known for and leads by example.

Vintage GP – Wellington 12th-14th Mar 2021

We have been working with KS Wellington to finalise the GP Permit and details, with the idea that we can present the completed permit to Kartsport prior to Christmas.

For those making plans we can confirm that:

  • camping on site is ok
  • security will be in place Friday and Saturday nights
  • tuning runs will be held on the Friday
  • breakfast will be available on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • a catered evening meal is being organised for the Saturday night at the track

More details will follow as we finalise the event.

Shane Drake has also designed a cloth commemorative patch for the GP and we are currently discussing the production numbers.

VKNZ Website

The new VKNZ website is up and running so please go and check out .  The site also has a link to our Facebook page.

If you have any feedback, questions, content etc. get in touch with Richard.

VKNZ Stickers/Badges and Banners

We still have a stock of VKNZ stickers and embroided badges and they are available by contacting Vic Leech at

Stickers are $3 and the badges are $15 including GST and postage.

If you have a meeting coming up where you would like to use the VKNZ banners, contact me and I will get them to you.  They are great for adding a touch of promotion and visibility for Vintage Karting.

Upcoming Meetings

  • EBOP two day Club Meeting  –  20 & 21 February 2021 (camping on site available)
  • VKNZ Wellington GP Dates  –  13 & 14 March 2021 (date confirmed)
  • KartSport Nelson Meeting  –  24 & 25 April 2021 (date confirmed)

If there are any meetings I have missed, or you are aware of, please contact me and I will include them in the next newsletter.

New Members

We would like to welcome the following new and returning members to VKNZ who have joined/re-joined us during the last month.

New Members:

  • Tony Montaperto – Auckland
  • Glen Campbell – Canterbury

Returning Members (after more than 12 months):

  • Aaron Werner – Auckland
  • Laurie Gudsell – Manawatu
  • Jonathan Bell – Auckland

So welcome, and please do not hesitate to reach out to our existing members or the VKNZ Committee if you have any questions or would like some assistance.

Also please feel free to browse our website and take advantage of the conversations and information on our Facebook page as well.

Log Book Application Fee

Reminder to members that the increase to the log book application fee from $10 to $20 is effective from 1 January 2021.

Close Out

To all our members, thank you for your feedback, meeting attendance, help and support during 2020 along some excellent demonstrations which have created enjoyment and interest at all the clubs we attended during the year.

As mentioned earlier, the feedback from the various clubs has been great and we have also introduced quite a number of new members throughout the year, so welcome and I/we hope you are enjoying the Vintage experience.

And finally from myself and the Committee, have a great Christmas and New Year, stay safe and well, and take some time out to celebrate what has been achieved in 2020.

See you all in 2021!

Dean Sinton

President – VKNZ