September/October Newsletter

Its been a busy time over the last few weeks so this newsletter is a bit later than normal. Blossom is done and dusted with the Auckland team having to take a few Covid related precautions. As always, it was a great weekend unfortunately dampened by rain on the Sunday which resulted in most of the Vintage teams making an early departure.

The Tony Wallace meeting is just around the corner which I am sure most of you are looking forward too as KS Manawatu are great hosts and the complex is superb. I have suggested that we could use this occasion as a swap meet to move on some of those bits and pieces that are taking up space in the various sheds and garages. We have given thought to how to charge for this but its all too hard and meant to be a bit of fun so I suggest if you want to set up a table then you will be required to put $10 across the bar which will be a win-win for VKNZ and the host club.

Get your entries in as soon as you can which will help Manawatu with their catering and pit layout. I also understand a few folk may be camping at the track for the weekend which adds yet another element to the festivities.

Tech Team Update
The Tech Team put out a note last week on the use of non-period instrumentation on your karts i.e. Microns or similar. While there has been some feedback and concerns regarding not being able to use them, you can use the same type of instruments that were used in the period, for example, rev counters, hour meters and temperature gauges.

Some has asked what is behind this decision and the answer is simple, we are only imposing Kartsport rule V8.8 which states “only instruments fitted to the kart as in the relevant periods are allowed”.
As a committee we want to ensure that the core intent of VKNZ is being followed, in that our karts are as kept as near as possible to their period. We have some people who want to stretch the rules and if we don’t keep on top of the VKNZ and Kartsport rules and guidelines then we will easily move away from our core intent.

The exception to this is when an item is safety related, for example brakes as we all know some period correct parts are no longer available and in period some of the brakes being used were not very efficient.

Membership Fees
This issue has also raised a wide range of discussion and thanks for your feedback which ranges from supporting the idea of an increase to keeping the fee as it stands. This issue can only be settled at the time of the AGM so we have time to work through the process.

I can however tell you that the committee are in support of introducing a family membership fee with the details yet to be worked out but this will help in reducing costs for those of you who are paying membership fees for each of your family members. Any revenue loss to the club could be offset by a slight increase in individual membership fees.

VKNZ Members Behaviour
It is disappointing that I had to send a letter out to all members last week reminding them that we are as much a social club as a kart club by the very nature of our passion for vintage karts.

Being one of the larger clubs in the country by membership means your committee use many hours of their spare time to ensure we can give you the best possible membership experience and we love to hear your ideas on how we can continually improve that experience.

However, a very few have crossed the line in how they have treated some of the committee which is not acceptable in any terms. We are all in our positions thanks to your nominations and votes and we are all committed to doing the best job we can and at times some of you will not like the decisions that are made which is fair. If you have an issue address the person concerned and have the discussion, however, remember we are not even chasing trophies, points or chocolate fish so keep let’s keep it all in perspective.

New Members
From the latest Kartsport membership update we are still up there in membership numbers which continue to grow so a very warm welcome to all new VKNZ members.
If you need any help or guidance you can call on the committee but also there are plenty of people within the club who are always willing to provide help so don’t hesitate to just ask if there is something you need to know or need help with.

Also, if while at one of our meetings you need a spare widget then many folk carry spares and are often only to happy to share, so again just ask. We would rather see you on the track than sitting in the pits.

The good news is that MG Reds are back in production and I know they are available from Right Karts in Auckland, having just purchased a set. At this time, I don’t know who else may have stock. The MG Reds are the nominated tyre for a class in Australia hence the new production run and for those that use them they are a pretty good tyre.

VKNZ Website
We are now very close to launching the new website with final preparation going on. This has been a big project and will become a key part of our communication strategy which is also being finalised so we will be looking for content from members once it’s up and running.

Thanks to the team who have put their time into getting this sorted.

VKNZ Stickers and Badges
We still have a limited stock of VKNZ stickers and embroided badges in stock and they are available by contacting Vicky Leech at
Stickers and $3 and the badges are $15 including GST and postage.

Upcoming Meetings

  • VKNZ Tony Wallace – 30th Oct to 1st September (Confirmed)
  • Hamilton Christmas Meeting – Date to be confirmed
  • EBOP – Invite to two-day club meeting – Mid Feb – Camping on site available
  • VKNZ Wellington GP Dates – 13 & 14 March 2021 (Date confirmed)

Well, that’s about it for now and with what looks like having Covid under control we can look forward to a great summer and plenty of seat time. So, take care, look out for each other but first and foremost, remember that our hobby is about having fun, enjoying each other’s company and preserving history.
See you at the Tony Wallace.

Kind regards,

Dean Sinton
President – VKNZ