July Newsletter

Here we are halfway through winter and yet we have still managed to have a number of our members attend recent meetings where VKNZ has been invited to participate.

Kartsport Edgecumbe held a meeting over the weekend of 4th/5th July and 21 VKNZ members attended. Saturday was fine and dry, with Sunday being wet for most of the day – but everyone had plenty of track time and the hospitality shown by the club was great with them even putting on an evening meal for us Saturday. Both our members who attended and the club are keen for us to make a return and February has been suggested but yet to be confirmed.

On the weekend of 18th/19th July some of our members attending the club day ay Kartsport Nelson, and all reports suggest it was a good day with Nelson also keen to see us return.

In discussion with a number of our members most are keen that we continue to look to support the small/medium clubs around the country who have the freedom to ensure we get a good number of runs in their programme. Those larger clubs, while keen to have us attend, struggle to fit us into their often-tight schedule.

Upcoming Meetings

Kartsport Whangarei have invited Vintage to join their club meeting on the 8th & 9th August 2020. We usually get a good number of runs during the weekend on what is a very interesting track with both a combination of open and then very tight areas. Grant Gedye is coordinating the entries for this weekend so please contact him on 027 273 3009 if you are looking to attend.

It’s time to put into your calendars if you have not already done so the dates of the annual Blossom meeting hosted by Kartsport Hawkes Bay – 4th to 6th September 2020. This is always a great meeting so do your best to attend as the hospitality is always great and we usually have a large turnout by VKNZ. Graeme Sutton ably assisted by Mark Jenks is coordinating the Vintage part of this event. I’m not sure when the entry forms will be available but they can’t be too far off, and this time around entries will come to admin@vknz.co.nz (just follow the information on the entry form when it comes out).

Then we will move on to the Tony Wallace Memorial weekend hosted by Kartsport Manawatu – 31st October to 2nd November 2020. This is a very special and enjoyable vintage kart only meeting with loads of fun and ample track time – so make an effort to attend. Kartsport Manawatu really turn it on for us in all ways with great facilities.

We are also looking to join Kartsport Hamilton for their Christmas meeting so it looks like we will be “just busy enough” leading up to Christmas.


The VKNZ AGM is also being held in August and Victoria will be sending out the Agenda, including nominations, financials, notices of motion, and motions to be voted on early into August. Meeting date is Sunday 16th August. Remember that your membership needs to be current as at 7th August for you to participate in the AGM. You will note on the information that will be sent out that the email address for voting is different to the normal admin one. A separate email has been established just for voting returns for the AGM only, so please pay attention to the details when they are circulated.

Kartsport NZ Conference

The Kartsport NZ Conference is this year being held in Rotorua (due to the lack of available hotels in Auckland with most being used for Covid 19 isolation centres). I will be attending along with Alan to represent VKNZ over the 23rd and 24th August 2020.

VKNZ Stickers/Promotional Material

These have been well received by our members with the first 100 being sold so I have just received a further bundle from the sign company. They are $3 each so contact me if you would like to order some (dean.sinton@gmail.com ).

We also had our new VKNZ banners on show at Edgecumbe and they were great, positioned at each end of our pit area.

When you take a look into our rules you will also note that each kart is supposed to have a placard with information relating to the kart and its history on display. These are great to inform both our club members and the spectators, with many of our karts having an interesting history. So please give this some consideration.


Richard Allport has been in touch with our website developers and progress is being made on getting this to fruition so more on this by the next newsletter.

In Closing

If you have any questions, points of interest or feedback, get in touch with one or other of the committee members who will happily respond.

Take care and we will see you at a track soon

Dean Sinton

VKNZ Scribe